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In honor of Taeyang’s birthday, I give you the most poetic verse in any Big Bang song ever made.

and now in honor of Big Bang’s 8th

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i hate old crusty ass adults who are like “how can you love someone youve never met or touched” shut up you dont know how to open new tabs in your internet browser

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i love kpop fans who have never listened to actual rap they are so entertaining


Except for the part where Wayne was in the gifted program in elementary school, and only earned his GED instead of a High School diploma because he’s been working consistently in the music industry since he was fourteen. Still, he managed to get accepted at the University of Houston, where he earned high grades until his work schedule became too much to attend the classes, so he switched to University of Phoenix and took Psychology classes online. 
I know what “Working at McDonalds” means here. It means you think he’s stupid or untalented. That’s a whole other can of worms I won’t even get into.  I’m guessing your opinion that he should be “working at McDonalds” has a lot to do with his image. Whether you think he’s thuggish or that he looks like one of the gremlins after they got wet, it seems as if you, original poster, think he can’t be both that and someone who is intelligent and worthy of the level of notoriety he has reached. 
Lets be real, if he wasn’t immersed in a highly lucrative career since his early teens, he probably would have funneled his brain power and creative energy into something else. Maybe he would have started out at McDonalds, slinging fries and dealing with nasty people like you who think that makes him beneath you. Or maybe he would have finished college and found a job at McDonald’s that would lead to running a boardroom or creating new flavor combinations, all while waiting for just the right moment to open his own joint. 
But why would you bother thinking at all, when your knee jerk reaction is to use a successful black man as a punchline?

It’s not nothing to do with Wayne being black. Stop trying to put race into everything. The point is lil Wayne looks like a reject hobo, who can’t rap for a damn. I don’t give a shit where he went to school. Dude is a walking sterotype that all black men like gold teeth, baggy pants and sing about bitchs. Sex. And drugs.
He is one of the reasons why I stopped listening to rap and went to jrock and Kpop. So before your open your mouth and try to dis someone because they like Kpop or jrock better then lil Wayne, fucking think that’s it’s got nothing to do with color but talent.

Oh shut up you koreaboo ass coon. All those girls are fucking wack rappers like the majority of K-POP rappers and if you think he’s a walking stereotype that’s your racist ass problem.


Supermodel Ataui Deng has been missing for 10 days, y’all. Had it not been for Roblé’s post, I wouldn’t have heard anything. 10 Days and NOTHING in the media?
If you have seen her or know anything concerning her disappearance, email
Again, I feel this begs to be said again: Black. Lives. Matter.